Our vision is to build a gigawatt portfolio of renewable assets complemented by investments in storage and digitalization technologies and to become a fast-growing independent and fully integrated European green power producer.

Company Profile

A strongly expanding green electricity producer of the new generation

SUMMIQ is establishing a growing portfolio of wind and solar power plants in Europe. The aim is to build up a digitally controlled gigawatt portfolio in order to profitably market electricity from renewable energy sources in the future and supply it in line with demand.


The energy turnaround as the business opportunity of our time

Our business model is based on stable cash flows from predictable revenues and low generation costs from modern renewable energy plants. The actively managed and digitally controlled power plant portfolio forms the basis for continuous growth, while increasing demand for electricity offers the opportunity for attractive yields in green electricity marketing.


Management & Supervisory Board

SUMMIQ is characterized by lean corporate structures and experienced management. The members of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board are competent specialists and bring together extensive industry expertise and many years of professional experience.

Dr. Torsten Amelung

Dr. Torsten Amelung


  • More than 20 years experience in the energy sector
  • Previously various positions at Statkraft AS (2003 – 2019), including: CEO at Statkraft Ventures GmbH and Statkraft Markets Financial Services GmbH
  • Former CFO and COO at Stadtwerke Kiel AG (2001 – 2003)
  • Various positions at TXU Europe (1998 – 2002)
Frank Wolf

Frank Wolf


  • Since 2012 Member of the Board at Green City AG
  • Since 2015 Member of the Board at FWU AG and previously various other positions (2000 – 2012)
  • Previously various positions at Deutsche Bank AG (1988 – 2000)
Arwed Fischer

Arwed Fischer

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

  • Supervisory Board member: Deutsche Wohnen SE and 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG
  • Previously CFO at Patrizia Immobilien AG (2008 – 2015)
Dipl.-Ing. Eberhard Holstein

Dipl.-Ing. Eberhard Holstein

Member of the Supervisory Board

  • Advisor to German Government (BMWi)
  • Since 2018 CEO at FPE Flowerpower-Energy GmbH
  • Previously CEO at Grundgrün Energie GmbH (2011–2016) and Executive Vice President at Digital Energy Solutions GmbH & Co. KG (2016 – 2018)
Jens Mühlhaus

Jens Mühlhaus

Member of the Supervisory Board

  • Since 2011 CEO of Green City AG
  • Supervisory Board Chairman of buergerbau AG
  • Member of the Board of the NGO Green City e.V from 1992 – 2010
  • Former Member of the City Council of Munich


Green electricity – energy source of the future

SUMMIQ focuses on the development and operation of a diversified portfolio of wind and solar power plants, selected by region and technology to ensure a good balance, as well as electricity storage facilities in European core markets. By entering the electricity market, SUMMIQ AG aims to become a fast growing independent and fully integrated European green power producer with predictable long-term cash flows and a product with increasing demand: green electricity.

SUMMIQ business model

The core business of SUMMIQ is the generation and marketing of green electricity. In parallel, SUMMIQ identifies, acquires and structures suitable green energy assets. Before making an investment decision, we conduct an extensive due diligence process to carefully examine the prospective assets.

We acquire projects that are either ready-to-build or already in operation, which means risks are minimised during project implementation. Operational maintenance services for the plant portfolio are provided by long-term partners such as Green City Operations & Management GmbH in order to keep costs and structures lean.

Cooperation partners

SUMMIQ embraces a cooperation approach and will enter into strategic partnerships in order to achieve its objectives. These are mainly cooperation agreements with project developers to secure access to power plant projects. Such an agreement has been concluded with Green City AG to enable SUMMIQ to invest in an existing project pipeline of several hundred MW capacity until 2021.


Consistent and transparent acquisition strategy

The goal of SUMMIQ is to invest in a portfolio of renewable assets with proven and reliable technology and an attractive risk-return profile generating electricity at the lowest costs on the market. SUMMIQ has developed a strict investment policy defining the main framework parameters and assumptions for the calculation of the profitability of new potential renewable energy projects. The policy aims to be the base for a consistent and independent evaluation – deviations might be allowed under certain circumstances.

  • At least 80% invested in solar and wind energy projects
  • Up to 20% can be invested in other types of energy (e.g. hydro) or technologies (e.g. storage)
  • At least 80% invested in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain
  • Up to 20% in other European countries
  • Midsize-segment
  • 5 to 50 MW
  • Approved projects
  • Earliest stage of investment: “ready-to-build”

Portfolio Focus & Core Markets

Secured project pipeline of European renewable energy projects


Structural changes in the energy markets benefit renewables

Competitive generation costs

Due to continuous reduction of production and technology costs renewable energy sources are now economically competitive and will oust fossil fuels. The importance of Feed-in-Tariffs and subsidies will decrease significantly while Power-Purchase-Agreement markets continue to grow.

Increasing demand

Global electrification, sector coupling, increasing industrial production, and ongoing development of the e-mobility sector drive the increasing demand for electricity by making it the primary source of energy.

Technological advances

Storage and digitalization technologies are showing significant advances and have developed the missing link of the energy sector transformation. The volatility of renewable energy generation and consumption can now be managed.


Key investment highlights

  • Strong growth on renewable energy markets driven by competitive generation costs and development of smart energy and storage solutions
  • Investments in modern wind and solar farms with low energy generation costs and no development risk as well as in storage solutions
  • Focus primarily on Germany, France, Italy, and Spain as core markets
  • The cooperation with Green City AG enables SUMMIQ to invest in an existing project pipeline with a capacity of several hundred MW until 2021
  • Targeting a gigawatt portfolio within 5 years
  • Combination of attractive dividend policy and risk return profile
  • Implementation of the virtual power plant concept based on digitalised production asset network in combination with energy storage infrastructure

More on our cooperation partner

SUMMIQ stands for collected intelligence in the energy market of tomorrow.