“We bundle our core competencies and outsource selected services to reliable partners.”

Operations and management

We control the value chain of renewable energy projects from the acquisition through financing, operation, and asset management to marketing of the produced energy. To keep our structure lean and efficient, we outsource selected activities related to the operation and the commercial and technical management of the power plants to third parties, in particular to Green City O&M and Green City Energy France.

A reliable partnership

Green City Operations and Management GmbH has been an integral partner for the technical and commercial management of the power plants realized by Green City Group throughout the last ten years. The division is embedded in the Renewables business unit, which is one of the five core areas of the Green City Group.

With around 20 employees and one managing director, Green City O&M currently manages more than 180 energy plants for a total of 74 companies and 22 investment companies. Green City O&M is responsible for the operative management of the plant locations in Germany and Italy and bundles all administrative activities in the foreign markets. In addition, compliance with a uniform Group reporting system for externally managed plants and their technical connection to the wind and solar control centres is ensured.

The subsidiary Green City Energy France S.à r.l. manages the plants in France autonomously and reports to Green City O&M. With ten employees located in Toulouse, Green City Energy France is responsible for the commercial and technical management of the existing power plants in France and Spain. These are currently eleven solar plants and five hydro plants. In parallel, Green City France develops and supervises the construction processes of projects in France and Spain. In the future, the technical management of the renewable energy projects in Spain will be delivered by Green City France, too.

As a result of many years of experience, Green City O&M has built up a strong technical and commercial knowledge regarding the operation of renewable energy plants.

International positioning right from the start.