“SUMMIQ has a transparent growth strategy.”


We aim to build a gigawatt portfolio of renewable energy plants within five years, mainly developed by Green City Group, and complement it by investments in storage technologies.

To achieve this goal we aim to use the potential of the transition of the European power market and participate in its growth. High wholesale electricity prices and technological development will create new market conditions for renewable energies which enable us to generate attractive profit margins.

A cornerstone of our business strategy is the close cooperation with Green City. We will work together to identify market segments for the production, storage and marketing of renewable energy in Germany and abroad. Together we established a clear investment policy defining the cornerstones of our future investments. These are in particular

  • the types of assets
  • their geographical location and
  • certain calculation parameters

Overview of the investment criteria

  • At least 80% invested in solar and wind energy projects
  • Up to 20% can be invested in other types of energy (e.g. hydro) or technologies (e.g. storage)
  • At least 80% invested in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain
  • Up to 20% in other European countries
  • Midsize-segment
  • 5 to 50 MW
  • Approved projects
  • Earliest stage of investment: “ready-to-build”

Green City will develop renewable energy projects in accordance with our jointly determined investment criteria. We are entitled to a preferential access to the project pipeline which comprises renewable energy projects with a planned total capacity of around 1000 MW within five years.

In early 2019 we secured share purchase agreements with Green City Group to acquire three initial projects to our portfolio: the windfarms Schlenzer I and Ravenstein in Germany and the majority of shares of the windfarm Garessio I in Italy. The windfarms sum up to a total capacity of 28 MW.

By securing these projects we take advantage out of the cooperation with Green City and will take over investment objects in operation and thus free from development or construction risks. Plus we have taken the targeted step into internationalization from the very beginning.

We are investing in a portfolio of mid-sized power plants and are planning a three-stage expansion of our growth to become an independent power producer.

We intend to acquire a portfolio of selected energy generation plants with around 190 MW output until the end of 2020. Our portfolio will include wind farms in Germany and Italy and solar power plants at high-yield locations in France, Italy and Spain. All projects are ready for realization. Our acquisition is conditional on the fulfilment of our investment criteria and a positive due diligence.


In a second step we plan to aquire further projects which are currently under development by Green City. These projects with a total capacity of around 525 MW are planned to be ready to build until the end of 2021 and are already secured by us. The acquisition of the projects is conditional upon a positive due diligence and the fulfilment of our investment criteria.


The strategic cooperation with Green City AG grants us preferential access to a further pipeline of projects of about 220 MW output capacity. All these projects are under development and most of the land needed for the development of each project has already been secured. The final timetable for the acquisition depends on the timing at which Green City receives all the approvals to prepare for construction as well as on obtaining all permits, a positive due diligence and the fulfilment of our investment criteria. This growth strategy is subject to successful financing.


View of the current project pipeline of Green City

Through our cooperation with Green City, we will have access to a wide range of investment opportunities in the future.

“We intend to purchase renewable energy plants with a capacity of around 190 MW by the end of 2020.”